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Tibet Expedition 2017

Tibet Expedition 2017

Nepal is the country of Himalayas; out of 14 peaks in the world 8 major peaks are in this country. They are more than 8000m in altitude. Necessary permits & documents should be obtained before climbing. The beautiful country is the highest peaks. Mt. Everest (8848m) Kanchanjunga (8586) Mt. Lhotse (8516m) Mt. Makalu (8463m) Mt. Chooyu (8201m) Mt. Dhaulagiri (8167m) Mt Manaslu (8163m) Mt. Annapurna (8091m) are provided the best service by the experienced climbing sherpas as an when necessary.
Ramdung expedition will arrange for all the necessary documents which are required. This organization is an active member of Nepal mountaineering association which is authorized by Nepal government. However, the peaks are major & minor in scale but they give you an exciting challenge. Mountain climbing is obviously a vigorous task rather than to trek.
Experienced trained climbing guides will assist you in your trip. For this Ramdung expedition will assist you for all the necessities with the reasonable price and experienced climbing Linder’s. Our Nepal expedition services are on of the best services in Expedition business. Making trip adventurous in Nepal, good services, decades of Experience, authorization by Nepal Government and so on are the quality of our trekking agent.

  • Shishapangma Expedition 2017

    Shishapangma Expedition 2017

    Shishapangma officially know as Xixiabangma is the fourteenth highest mountain in the world and the lowest of the eight-thousanders mountains. It was the last 8,000

  • Joint Cho-Oyu & Shishapangma Expedition 2017

    Joint Cho-Oyu & Shishapangma Expedition 2017

    Shishapangma is one of the lovely mountain of Tibet, which lies in its Autonomous Region of the Peoples Republic of China. Only very few people

  • Everest North Face Expedition 2018

    Everest North Face Expedition 2018

    Mount Everest is the highest peak of the World 29028ft. (8848m.) through which the climbing toppers feel them selves as the most proud and adventurous

  • Everest Tibet Side Expedition 2018

    Everest Tibet Side Expedition 2018

    The Tibetan name for Mount Everest is “Chomolangma” which means “Saint Mother”. It has been in common use by Tibetans for centuries (BEFORE

  • Shishapangma Expedition 2017

    Shishapangma Expedition 2017

    KATHMANDU – Lhasa (Saturday & Tuesday): Morning about at 10:00 AM you will be heading to the Kathmandu airport 8KM far from City. To fly

  • Cho Oyu Expedition Via Kerung 2017

    Cho Oyu Expedition Via Kerung 2017

    Cho Oyu is the sixth highest peak of the world (8201m/26906ft). Cho Oyu in Tibetan is “Turquoise God’ which means the turquoise color of the

  • Gurla Mandata Expedition 2017

    Gurla Mandata Expedition 2017

    Brief: Mount Gurla Mandhata lies in Burang County of Tibet, now the autonomous region of China. Height of 7694m made Mount Gurla

  • Changtse Expedition 2017

    Changtse Expedition 2017

    Mount Changtse is located adjacently north of Everest hence the name Changtse which is Tibetan for north peak. 2 other well-known peaks of the Everest-group;

  • Lakpa Ri Expedition 2017

    Lakpa Ri Expedition 2017

    Lhakpa Ri is a superb objective which should appeal to climbers looking for a 7,000m summit in a famous location. The visit to Lhasa, the