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Nepal Historical Tour

Nepal Historical Tour

Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal. Kathmandu is a valley surrounded by four hills- Fulchowki, Chandragiri, Shivapuri and Nagarjun. Kathmandu valley has threee major cities Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Patan. Situated at the altitude of 4500 feet above sea level. kathmandu is home to seven UNESCo World Heritage sites- Kathmandu Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, Pashupatinath Temple, Changu Narayan Temple, Swoyambhunath Stupa and Bouddhananth Stupa. Before the unification of Nepal in the 18th Century, the three cities were independent states ruled by the Malla Kings.

A. Kathmandu Durbar square
Also known as Hanuman Dhoka Durbar, used to be the residence of the Nepali royal family and administrators. This ancient palace lies in the heart of the city. It consists of huge Royal Palace with different temples, inside as well as outside the temple, dating from the 15th to the 18th century. This palace is named after Hanuman, the monkey god, as a stone statue of Hanuman is placed right next to the main entrance protecting the whole palace.

Historical Significance in Kathmandu
– The Taleju temple is the tallest of all structures built by King Mahendra Malla in 1549 A.D.
– The Jagannath temple, built in the 16th century, is known for the fascinating erotic figures carved in the wooden struts.
– The Kala Bhairab, one of the largest 17th century stone statue in Kathmandu , represents the terrifying aspect of Shiva.
– The statue of King Pratap Malla is placed atop a stone pillar right across the temple of Digu Taleju , the royal family deity.
– The 17th century Kumari temple (the temple of the living goddess is an example of the highly developed Nepali craftsmanship.
– Kastamandap, from which Kathmandu derives its name, is said to have been built from the timber of a single tree.
– Besides these, other fascinating parts of this palace complex is the towering Nautale Durbar overlooking the beautiful city and the vast Basantapur square. It is famous for its many intricately carved doors, windows, etc.

B. Changu Narayan
The temple of Vishnu, in the village of Changu in Bhaktapur. This 5th century temple, located over a hillock 15 km east of Kathmandu. Inscriptions dating back to 464 A.D, found here, are the first epigraphic evidences of Nepali history. The temple is believed to be sixteen hundred years old. It is embellished by the best examples of stone, wood, and metal craft.

Historical Significance in Changu Narayan
– Vishworoop – This sculpture represents Vishnu in his most universal form. It dates back to 8th century A.D
– Vishnu Vikrants – this stone image, dating back to the 8th century A.D, is of the most powerful form of Vishnu. This is when he measured space with feet.
– Vishnu riding Garuda ( the mythical bird) – this figure of Vishnu mounting Garuda dates back to the 10th century A.D.
– Nr-singha Vishnu – this form of Vishnu is seen in his half man and half lion form.

C. Patan
Located 7 km away from Kathmandu . This city has many 15th to 17th century, Hindu and Buddhist, monuments built during the Malla dynasty. The most important area with many monuments is the Patan Durbar square.

Historical Significances in Patan
– The golden gate and golden windows of the old palace.
– The famous Krishna temple with 21 golden pinnacles.
– The royal bath with many carvings on stone.
– The Royal Taleju Temple

Vishwanath Temple
Char naran temple, which is among the finest examples of unique craftsmanship on wood.
The temple of Bhimsen with a magnificent golden balcony over looking the square .

D. Bhaktapur Durbar Square
Located in the center of Bhaktapur. The Square is one of the most charming architectural showpieces of the Valley as it highlights some of the finest medieval arts of Nepal.About 10 km east of Kathmandu is a town called Bhaktapur, meaning the city of devotees. It covers an area of 5 sq. km and was founded by King Anand Dev (889 A.D) in the shape of a conch shell, which is a sacred symbol. Bhaktapur was once ruled by the Malla’s who built magnificent temples, statues, etc.

Historical Significance Bhaktapur
– The Lion Gate: This gate in the western part of Bhaktapur has two beautiful stone statues of Bhairab and Durga on either side, built by King Bhupatendra Malla in 17th century A.D.
– Golden Gate: The Golden Gate was erected by King Ranjit Malla as the entrance to the main courtyard of the Fifty-five Windowed Palace. It was built in 7th century A.D.
– The statue of King Bhupatendra Malla: This figure, of a scholar and artist king, is seen atop a huge column.
– 55 window palace: The Palace of Fifty-five Windows was built during the reign of King Yakshya Malla in1427A.D and was remodelled by King Bhupatindra Malla in the seventeeth century.
– Vatsala Temple: This 17th century stone temple, dedicated to a mother goddess, is full of intricate works on stone.
– Pashupati Temple: According to a folklore, a Bhaktapur kind who was a great devotee of Lord Pashupati, had a dream in which lord Shiva told him to build a temple for him so that he could move into it. He obeyed this command and thus the temple came into existence
– Nyatapola: This is the most famous pagoda of Nepal, which was built in 1702 A.D by Bhupatendra Mala. This temple was dedicated to Siddhilaxmi, the tantric mother goddess of supreme power. Nyatapola in Newari means a five tiered symbolizing five basic elements – water, earth, fire, wind and sky.

Based on our previous experience and guest reviews, we suggest following spots and sites to make a pleasant day tour sight-seeing :

     – Kathmandu Durbar Square and Swayambhunath Temple
     – Kathmandu and Patan Durbar Squares
     – Kathmandu Durbar Square and Pashupatinath
     – Pashupatinath, Bouddhanath and Bhaktapur Durbar Square
     – Pashupatinath, Bouddhanath, Changu Narayan Temple
     – Balaju and Budhanilkantha
     – Kirtipur, Chobhar and Dakshinkali

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